The “River Brothers” Dining Table

  • Pigmented resin
  • Metallic frame
  • Style: Rustic & primitive
  • Materials: Oak wood, Epoxy resin, Coloring pigment, Metallic frame
  • Length: 160 cm / 63 inches
  • Width: 84 cm / 33 inches
  • Height: 74 cm / 29.13 inches
  • Tabletop height: 4.3 cm / 1.69 inches

We manufacture custom-made furniture that can be ordered in any dimensions, wood species and resin colouration.

This oak and resin table was made with high-quality materials. A CNC machine was used for the finest cuts. The resin was pigmented to obtain these unique colours.

This dining table was manufactured by casting the trans-lucid resin in blue tone, giving the area of the resin a water effect.

The wooden coffee table can be used as farmhouse rustic living room furniture, log cabin furniture, foyer table, coffee or serving table rustic home decor.

Log coffee table is a luxury, unusual gift for various occasions.

Live edge wood slab coffee table is very sturdy, solid and stable.

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